Why a Community?



Thanks for being with us


The Matera 2019 Committee created this space for online interaction in order to promote the widest participation possible to the city of Matera's bid to the European Capital of Culture title in 2019. Together, Matera and Basilicata are by far the largest repository of information, expertise, passion and dreams in the area. Without them - without you - we simply cannot win this game, no matter how good the professionals preparing the application may be. Without creativity, vision and dialogue between us not only we are nuable to win the European Capital of Culture title: we are also unable to rethink our territory, invent and build the future we deserve.


On this web site we will try  to focus together on the next steps of the adventure that will bring the city of Matera to pick culture, creativity, hospitality and its citizen's courage as a vector of development. We will work jointly on the writing of the application form and the development of a general strategy for the city.


As the Matera 2019 web team, we will be very grateful to you for any post, comment, and single contribution that you will offer to this shared reflection. Time is never enough, while many are the things to do and to read. We are committed to do our best so it becomes worth the effort, for the city and for the region as a whole. We are volunteers and do not manage this platform for profit.




We are committed


  • To enhance the role of the citizens by reporting the results of our discussions to the Scientific Committee of Matera 2019 : participation will contribute to make the journey to the future of the city more vivid, more concrete and more courageous.
  • To inform you on the application procedure with clarity and objectivity.
  • To keep this space open, constructive, and welcoming.



You are committed 


  • To maintain a constructive and respectful attitude towards us all: we are playing the same game, and we want to win.
  • Not to use violent, discriminatory or obscene words or images. We reserve the right to delete offensive or illegal contents as well as the accounts of those who upload them.
  • To upload to the site only content you are author of, without violating copyright laws.



Copyright, privacy, protection


All content published on this platform are property of their respective authors: they are releasing them under a Creative Commons license [..] attribution. This means that anyone can share them freely, for example, using other social networks.


We will not disclose to anybody your personal information for any purpose, especially not for commercial purposes. We do not sell anything: we are doing democracy, not marketing. We do not allow access to the platform through Facebook or Twitter because we can not prevent these operators resell your information.




And after that?


Until the end of September 2013 we will carry on a discussion on the future of the city: this will be offered as working material to the experts who will write the bid. During the summer, the experts will work to close the dossier: on the 20th of September it will have to be delivered to the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage for evaluation.

We will keep you informed on which points raised here will actually become part of the dossier.

:- In evidenza -: