Cycling from London to Matera - #Bikingformatera2019

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On 25th of May 2013 I plan to begin my epic cycle from London to Matera.
My route has been inspired by the proposed Eurovello # 5 route. The Eurovello initiative is a fantastic project that hopes to provide safe long distance cycling routes all around Europe.
Over the course of three weeks my route will take me through England, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Italy and involve a distance of nearly 2500km. I hope to arrive in Matera on Tuesday 11th June.
I am approaching this task with a combination of excitement and trepidation. I have completed many endurance events in the past such as 3 Ironman triathlons and cycling the entire length of the UK; from Lands End in Cornwall to John O'Groats in Scotland. This challenge will be for certain be the most difficult; 18 days of cycling an average of around 145km every day, I hope my body (and soul) can handle this!
I hope to soak up as much European culture along the way and will be working hard to improve my painting skills along the route; unfortunately I'm starting from quite a low level on this front! :)
My sister has lived in Matera for many years with her husband and family and I have visited many times. I love Matera and truly hope that your bid for Capital of Culture 2019 will be a huge success. I hope that any small part that I can play will be helpful and I hope that my mission will inspire similar journeys by other people and spread the word about what an amazing place Matera is to visit and to live.
Please follow my progress and I will greatly appreciate any messages of support especially when the going gets tough! I will update as much as possible on Twitter and Instagram: #bikingformatera2019.


Real Time Kenny's Activity (not from Germany. Gps was broken)



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Hi Kenny! Welcome to the community.
We'll follow you during your amazing experience.
when you can, please, write us here about your adventures on the road!

have a nice bike journey!

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This is a very WOW experience Kenny! Thank you to bring Matera 2019 around Europe!! I wish you the best! the best of Europe, the best of Europeans, the best of inspiration for your paintings, the best of food, the best of learning... The whole Europe is an amazing place where to soak up culture and it's incredible to think that 60 years ago there was a terrible war between the countries you are visiting. Your route is for me the proof of such a positive and enthusiastic place Europe can be!

See you in Matera!

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Kenny, you have a whole community following you and dispatching the info you send us through our networks! 

Thumbs up, and if you pass from Brussels ping us: the Matera2019 who live here will be thrilled to meet you!