17-19 May / unMonastery Event # 2 / Open Sourcing Matera

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unMonastery returns to Matera again next weekend > 17th-19th May!

We wanted to share our plan here in advance of the event so that others can make suggestions and raise points of interest - in the next couple of days we'll also be sharing a list of the challenges that were put forward at the first Matera event! 

Co-Designing the Home of unMonastery: Mapping, Modelling and Designing - Part 1


Over the course of the weekend (Friday to Sunday) Mike Levitt will map the unMonastery building utilising a low cost technique involving a laser measurer, DSLR and google sketchup. During the first day he will run a small workshop with the people of Matera to share the technique - so that other buildings and places throughout Matera can be mapped and shared online. This will be followed by a second workshop on Saturday focused on co-designing the layout and utilities of unMonastery. By the end of the weekend we’ll be sharing the first iteration of the model online so that we can begin to design and coordinate the creation of unMonastery internationally.

Actionable Outcomes:

  • 3D Model of the unMonastery Building shared online.
  • 4 Hour Workshop with local community on the mapping exercise
  • Online tutorial in English and Italian

Reviewing the Challenges, Updating Matera and Co-writing the International Call


For this event we will be giving a series of short presentations, firstly a write up and break down of the challenges that were initially outlined by those in Matera in March; with a discussion about priorities, resources and additional information for each challenge. This workshop aims to produce a top 20 challenges for unMonastery Matera and will act as the baseline by which we select applications for the opening of the project.

The second short presentation will present a few of the pledges made from the EdgeRyders network, with a Skype in presentation from Matthias Ansorg to explain his Economy App

This session will then culminate in the co-writing of the international call for pledges and applications. Clear challenges will be framed within the unMonastery model for project types, which is as follows:

  • Internal: These are projects that operate for the benefit and development of the unMonastery model, one example is the unMonastery in-a-box (to be announced in the coming day), which seeks to create the tools and evaluation methodology to allow anyone can replicate unMonastery in their own town or city.
  • Interface: Takes as its primary concern local integration, perhaps in the form of a more indepth social asset mapping exercise like the map developed at the first Matera co-design session, or it may include a series of convivial events designed to better bridge interaction between unMonasterians and the local population.
  • Outreach: For projects explicitly focused on the kind work that will be enacted outside of the unMonastery during our time there, although these projects will rely on the support of unMonastery they will aim to be autonomous in their execution.
  • Injection: After the first co-design session in Matera we realised there are many projects that already exist in Matera that could benefit from the resources and support of the unMonastery, this will be an opportunity for the residents of Matera to inject ideas into unMonastery that they believe to be a necessity to its success.

Actionable Outcomes:

  • Top 20 Challenges list and blogpost.
  • Feedback on pledges submitted so far.
  • The writing of the international call.

Co-Designing the Home of unMonastery: Mapping, Modelling and Designing - Part 2

This workshop will be focused on a bringing together architects, hackers and planners in Matera who put themselves forward during the first unMonastery event in March to co-design the interior and internal infrastructure of unMonastery. Focused on imaging the possibilities of the space, this workshop will also address practical mapping, defining building requirements and a detailed plan of logistical considerations for getting the building up to scratch.

Actionable Outcomes:

  • Co-Designed plan for the building with local architects and designers
  • Clearly defined requirements and practical challenges for the months ahead

Launching the International Call for Pledges.


The last day will see the international call go live on the website and the publishing of all material created during the course of the weekend!


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